Eschatology – A Comprehensive Historical and Theological Overview by Sam Waldron

258402666_1280x960Sam Waldron is one of the great Baptist Amillennialists of our day. He has  several published books on the subject of eschatology including The End Times Made Simple. He has also successfully defended Amillennialism in debate.

Dr. Waldron and Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary have provided his entire 17 lecture course on eschatology free online for your viewing pleasure. Please take the time to have a look at some of these great video lectures.



Quick Stats for Another Year

Last year I posted some stats on the traffic on this website to show my appreciation for those who visit us and use our resources. I thought I would do so again. I just wanted to thank all those who continue to support this website and sending me notes of appreciation for the materials that are available. Your kind words have been an encouragement to us.

The grand total of hits on this website so far is 50,296  with 17,082 visitors. This means that we got about 10,000 more hits than last year and about 11,500 more unique visitors.

stats Amil  From a perspective of people from various countries visiting the website. The tops four countries visiting the website have pretty much stayed the same. We also have some new additions as well.

Again, we would like to  thank you all for your contribution to make this website a success. Please continue to support this website by sharing the resources available.

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Postmillennialism Drops Out of the Eschatological Race

babylon beeI always enjoy a good laugh especially when it’s good clean fun. There is a new Christian satire website called The Babylon Bee that has already found its way in my daily reading for its unique and hilarious mock stories. I thought I would share this particular one with my readers that has as its headline Postmillennialism Drops Out of the Eschatological Race.


A couple of Items

StormsToday, there appeared an excellent  post from Sam Storms on his website titled Childbirth and Death in the New Heavens and New Earth. that I felt was worth mentioning. It’s definitely worthy of a careful read especially in light of the emphasis that our Dispensational Premillennial and Postmillennial brethren place on this passage to substantiate their view of the millennium.

Also, Kim Riddlebarger appeared on Issues ETC to discuss Chris McNabb’s recent end of the world prediction which was supposed to happen on October 7 of this year. To listen to the audio, please click here.

The Five Points of Amillennialism

While doing some research relating to Covenant Theology, I came across this sermon by Jeffrey D. Johnson on Amillennialism. The title of the sermon is The 5 Points of Amillennialism which undoubtedly peaked my interest seeing that I’m Calvinistic in my soteriology. I found this sermons very well articulated and I thought I would share.

By the way, the five point of Amillennialism according to Johnson are:

I.      Spiritual Israel
II.     Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutic
III.    Already, Not Yet
IV.     No (Geo-Political) Millennium
V.      Catastrophic Second Coming