Welcome to Amillennialism

images.jpgThe Bible has much to say on the subject of eschatology, or what theologians refer to as  “the last things.” And if you’re visiting this site, you probably know the discussion here can sometimes get complex, confusing, and even controversial!

The main problem is all the options, seeing that over the years biblical interpreters have developed a number of different approaches to eschatology. In rough historical order, the major schools of thought are: Amillennialism, Historic Premillennialism, Postmillennialism,  Dispensational Premillennialism, and Preterism. And yes, as you can see from this list, in eschatology there is quite a to-do about the Millennium (Revelation 20)!

One reason for this website is to help you understand and evaluate all these views. But our main goal here is to explain and defend what we regard as the truly biblical view, and as the default eschatology of the historic Christian Church: Amillennialism.

Briefly, amillennarians hold that the thousand years of Revelation 20 symbolize the lengthy spiritual reign of the exalted Christ over His people and their world. In other words, the Millennium is none other than the so-called Church Era, the span of time between the Lord’s first and second comings. And if that is so, it means we’re living in the Millennium now!

That’s a position that has major implications for our view of the Consummation. For if we are not to look for a future thousand year reign of Christ upon the earth—a reign that would require multiple resurrections, judgments, and cosmic transformations—what then are we to look for? The answer, if you believe it, is altogether breathtaking: We are to look for single Consummation of all things at the Lord’s return in glory, when He will raise the dead, transform the living, judge the world in righteousness, destroy the present earth and its works by fire, and create New Heavens and a New Earth, the eternal home of the redeemed.

Finding this eschatology to be simple, clear, powerful, glorious, Christ-exalting, and true, we eagerly invite you to peruse the various articles, videos, audios, and book reviews offered here. We hope and pray they will expand your understanding, fire your imagination, stir your affections, and quicken your zeal for serving our great and soon-coming King in these last days.