Voddie Baucham on Revelation

I received feedback that there are some challenges to finding the sermon series on Revelation preached by Voddie Baucham on this site. I thought that I’d post it here to make finding it a little easier.

G.K. Beale on the Number “666”

666One of the most debated portions of the book of Revelation is the identifying mark of the beast mainly the numbers 666. The eschatological acrostic that some have undertaken to come up with an individual in their own specific time has been almost humorous if not sad.

G.K. Beale gives a very solid answer on the Gospel Coalition website on his interpretation of Revelation chapter 13 and the number 666. The article can be accessed here.

Revelation Symposium

We just added a new video debate in our debate section on the understanding of the book of Revelation. This symposium was put together by American Vision and the debaters are none other than Jim Hamilton (futurist), Gary Demar (Partial Preterist) & Sam Waldron (Idealist)