Summary of Four Eschatological Postitions…

Here is a nice summary of the four main eschatological positions produced by Rose Publications which may especially be useful for those who are just beginning to examine the bible’s message on prophecy. It is presented in a very simple fashion to be able to get the basics on the varying issues that these positions take.

Obama the Antichrist?

BachmanDown through the years biblical interpreters with a literalist bent have speculated that Ezekiel’s prophecy about Gog and Magog (38-39) will likely be fulfilled by this or that particular person or nation. Trust us when we say that history is littered with such failed interpretations.

Alas, the unwise trend continues. This time the speculation comes from the lips of former congresswoman Michelle Bachman. I had heard of Bachman’s interview, in which she declared that she  believes Obama’s foreign policy is ushering in the end times. Thankfully, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger has interacted with her her remarks, and sought to clarify things in this post.

The great abundance of failed interpretations of OT kingdom prophecy alerts us to the importance of discovering and using biblically sound principles in the interpretation of these challenging texts. For further discussion of this crucial subject, you can visit here.

This Week’s Amillennial Resources

revelation_churchesDr. Kim Riddlebarger posted an interesting review of a book authored by Dr. David Jeremiah titled Agents of the Apocalypse. The book seemingly uses fictional characters to help people understand the book of Revelation. Dr. Riddlebarger argues in this article that there is a tremendous  inconsistency in using fictional characters while adhering to the dispensationalists hermeneutical principle to interpret the bible “literally”.

Also this week, Dr. Sam Storms posted a couple of posts on his blog dealing with the importance of the second coming of the Lord Jesus titled Four Important Truths Relating to the Second Coming of Christ (Part 2). While many are waiting for raptures and women riding beasts, Dr. Storms suggests that much of what we must anticipate in the 2nd -coming is found in the text of Hebrews 9:27-28

Finally, we posted an excellent article written by Dr. D.A. Carson on the question of the most common errors in our understanding and proclamation of the Kingdom. The article has been posted under our Kingdom section.

Left Behind Theology

left behindWe came across this recent blog post from Austin Brown, entitled “Left Behind Theology: A Critical Look”. The author did a fantastic job of examining the theology undergirding Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkin’s popular novels and movies: Dispensationalism. We strongly encourage our readers to scrutinize this position beneath the light of Scripture itself, since among evangelicals it is indeed the most popular eschatology, and yet, by our lights, laced with major error. You’ll find Austin’s article in our section on Dispensationalism. Other resources on this subject are available in other parts of this website.

Some New Entries

10371This week we’ve added a few new resources that we would like to share with our readers.

The first is an article entitled “My shift to Covenant Theology and Amillennialism,” written by David L. White. Like Sam Storms, White transitioned from Dispensational Premillennialism to Reformed Amillennialism. The essay has been added to our General Articles section.

Speaking of Sam, in the same section we have also included a short testimony of his own journey from Dispensationalism, through Historic Premillennialism, and into Amillennialism. Your comments and questions about these articles are most welcome.

The New Covenant: For Israel or the Church?

StormsAll Christians glory in the New Covenant, promised by Yahweh in Jeremiah 31, and fulfilled by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. But how can this be if most Christians are Gentiles, while the promise was made to “the house Israel and the house of Judah?” In reply, Dispensationalists allow that today Gentile believers benefit from “certain features” of the New Covenant, but insist that at their heart Jeremiah’s words are primarily fulfilled among ethnic Jews in the Millennium. Sam Storms respectfully disagrees, and tells us why in a great new blog post, entitled Is the New Covenant for Israel or the Church? His answers to this question are well worth the read!