Dean Davis on Iron Sharpens Iron

indexOur brother Dean Davis, author of the book The High King of Heaven: Discovering the Master Keys to the Great End Time Debate will be a guest on Chris Arnzen’s radio program Iron Sharpens Iron to discuss his book and the eschatological position called Amillennialism. The interview will be on Monday, August 17th 2015 from 4:00-5:00 EDT.

On another note, Iron Sharpens Iron will be hosting a number of eschatologist from various schools of thought throughout the week. We highly recommend tuning in for these broadcasts!

More Eschatology Conferences…

66069_w185Seems like  Dr. Kim Riddlebarger is busy these days doing eschatology conferences, and that the folks in Mesa Arizona will be the next to benefit from it! Dr. Riddlebarger will be doing a full weekend conference on March 20-22  at the Church of the Redeemer. The conference will be  based upon his book The Man of Sin, which is a biblical and historical study of the Antichrist.

New Section on the Resurrection

I wanted to make our readers aware that we have added a new section for articles discussing the Resurrection of the Dead. The atoning death of Jesus Christ was the most glorious gift that our God could have provided to a lost world. The result of Christ’s death for the believer is the forgiveness of sin and the hope of eternal life. The Lord conquered death at the cross and will strike down the last enemy at the resurrection of the dead. The significance of understanding the resurrection of believers and non-believers is crucial to our understanding of the end times. In this section, we will provide resources on how the resurrection fits in the end-times.

A Great Millennial Discussion

4A brother by the name of Stephen (who hosts a blog called Four Men Proclaiming the One Hope) recently posted a series of three videos dealing with eschatology. The participants make the case for amillennialism, premillennialism, and postmillennialism (Stephen himself defends postmillennialism). I wanted to make sure that all our readers had an opportunity to be informed about this interesting discussion.

Review of the High King of Heaven

indexI wrote a review of the High King of Heaven written by Dean Davis on Amazon. This is a book you will want to purchase for  your library.

There have been a number of scholarly works written in the past on the topic of the end times from the Amillennial perspective including classic works by Geerhardus Vos & Antony Hoekema. Over the last few years, a group of eschatologists have taken up the challenge to write books from the Amillennial perspective but focusing upon reaching the average Christian reader. The High King of Heaven by Dean Davis is the latest work in this endeavour and has been one of the most successful in reaching this goal. The High King of Heaven is a true systematic eschatology for the average man! The HKOH simplifies the understanding of the bible’s message on the end times by dividing the outlook into three simple categories. To understand what the bible says about the end times one must understand what it says about the Kingdom, the Millennium and the Consummation. Davis then unpacks these three themes in three sections in the book simplifying how we are to view this important topic. While writing with straightforwardness, the amount of topics and information that Davis addresses makes it unique. There are very few volumes on eschatology out there that deal with the amount of subjects and scripture like this one. Continue reading

The Purpose and Effect of Your Eschatology

man-with-binocularsThere are many people who miss the mark when it comes to our understanding of the purpose of eschatology. They somehow believe that the texts in both the Old and New Testament were written to simply give us some knowledge about how things are going to end. Some of this knowledge, in their view, has nothing to do with us at all and it is left to a future generation of believers some thousand years in the future and hence a completely other group of people. What most prophecy students miss is the purpose of scripture in giving us text that are eschatological in nature and how it essentially should affect us.

I have met many individuals whose eschatological understanding causes them to retreat from everything around them in some fatalistic fashion. They cannot be bothered by their surroundings and they attempt to escape their current environment by retreating and waiting for the end. We merely need to look to Israel to get a glimpse of the end. There are others who become almost overly involved in the culture. Their hyper optimism is seen in their quest to take over the world through political, social and economic means all the while arguing that their eschatology is one that brings forth cultural regeneration. There are a number of other views and affects to our eschatological position that could be mentioned some more balanced than others. The questions we must think through is what does the bible say about eschatology and how does it affect me today?

Continue reading