Michael Reeves on the Return of Christ

mike ReevesI have listened to a few sermons from Dr. Michael Reeves and he is a fantastic preacher. He spoke recently at a conference for Ligonier Ministries on the subject of the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ and the New Heavens & New Earth. Please take some time to listen to this fabulous and encouraging message.

A couple of Items

StormsToday, there appeared an excellent  post from Sam Storms on his website titled Childbirth and Death in the New Heavens and New Earth. that I felt was worth mentioning. It’s definitely worthy of a careful read especially in light of the emphasis that our Dispensational Premillennial and Postmillennial brethren place on this passage to substantiate their view of the millennium.

Also, Kim Riddlebarger appeared on Issues ETC to discuss Chris McNabb’s recent end of the world prediction which was supposed to happen on October 7 of this year. To listen to the audio, please click here.

New Audio on the New Heavens & the New Earth

nhneEternal rest and joy in the presence of God are without doubt the supreme hope of the believer. While there is relatively little in Scripture telling us exactly what we are to expect in the World to Come, there are nevertheless a number of references to New Heavens and a New Earth that do indeed supply a glimpse of our eternal home. In order to understand these things better, we have added a new audio section on the New Heavens and New Earth, containing lectures by Dr. G.K. Beale and Dr. D.A. Carson. May they richly increase your faith, expectation, and listening pleasure!

Bursting Eschatological Bubbles with Sam Storms

StormsDr. Sam Storms wrote a wonderful blog post on the nature of the final state of affairs at the consummation of all things. So many people believe that an immaterial heavenly home is their final hope while ignoring the biblical reality of the physical resurrection of the dead along with the final renovation of the earth. Great stuff!

Gospel Coalition Conference on New Heavens & New Earth

nhneLater this year, The Gospel Coalition will put on a three day seminar dealing with what the Bible calls the New Heavens and the New Earth. Over 80 speakers will be participating in this conference, including G.K. Beale, D.A. Carson, Voddie Baucham and many more. Some of you may wish to attend the conference (which will be held in Orlando, FL), others may wish to live-stream the gatherings. Definitely a timely event, seeing that the birth pangs of the World to Come are clearly upon us!

Christmas Eschatology

Christmas_star1I found this piece written by Derek Rishmawy to be very appropriate for the season. While most of us who celebrate Christmas look back at the incarnation when the Son came into the world, many do not reflect upon what the incarnation will mean for the future; for the final state in the New Heavens and New Earth.

I especially appreciated one point that Rishmawy made when quoting an article from Zondervan academics. He said that in the last century there has been a positive theological movement towards the “earthiness” of Christian hope: We are waiting a New World, one with earth and sky, not merely clouds and harps.

For us “earthy amillennarians”, that is great news!