A couple of Items

StormsToday, there appeared an excellent  post from Sam Storms on his website titled Childbirth and Death in the New Heavens and New Earth. that I felt was worth mentioning. It’s definitely worthy of a careful read especially in light of the emphasis that our Dispensational Premillennial and Postmillennial brethren place on this passage to substantiate their view of the millennium.

Also, Kim Riddlebarger appeared on Issues ETC to discuss Chris McNabb’s recent end of the world prediction which was supposed to happen on October 7 of this year. To listen to the audio, please click here.

A Great Millennial Discussion

4A brother by the name of Stephen (who hosts a blog called Four Men Proclaiming the One Hope) recently posted a series of three videos dealing with eschatology. The participants make the case for amillennialism, premillennialism, and postmillennialism (Stephen himself defends postmillennialism). I wanted to make sure that all our readers had an opportunity to be informed about this interesting discussion.

Audio From the High King of Heaven Conference Now Available

indexDean Davis, author of the book “The High King of Heaven”, conducted a conference on eschatology from an Amillennial perspective in February in Santa Rosa, California at Christian Family Fellowship. The conference messages were  based upon the HKOH.

The audio of the conference is now available for download on our website as well as the church’s website.

Written Debate on Millennial Positions

Power of WordsThere is an interesting debate over at True Declination Ministries on the three main millennial positions between Dr. Geoffrey Kirkland representing Premillennialism, Moses Flores representing Amillennialism and finally Bojidar Marinov representing the Postmillennial position. The written debate is in its beginning stages and will continue with further posts in the near future. This is definitely worth a read!

Materials in French on Revelation 20-21

denaultWe have been receiving many inquiries from our French speaking brethren about materials on Amillennialism, especially from those living in France and Francophone Africa. We understand that such materials are hard to come by, so we will try to  provide as wide a range of resources as we possibly can.

For starters, we have just added a  short series of sermons by Pastor Pascal Denaultm, from St-Jerome, Quebec. Here Pastor Denault gives us solid exegesis of Revelation 20-21. We hope you enjoy them all.