A couple of Items

StormsToday, there appeared an excellent  post from Sam Storms on his website titled Childbirth and Death in the New Heavens and New Earth. that I felt was worth mentioning. It’s definitely worthy of a careful read especially in light of the emphasis that our Dispensational Premillennial and Postmillennial brethren place on this passage to substantiate their view of the millennium.

Also, Kim Riddlebarger appeared on Issues ETC to discuss Chris McNabb’s recent end of the world prediction which was supposed to happen on October 7 of this year. To listen to the audio, please click here.

More Eschatology Conferences…

66069_w185Seems like  Dr. Kim Riddlebarger is busy these days doing eschatology conferences, and that the folks in Mesa Arizona will be the next to benefit from it! Dr. Riddlebarger will be doing a full weekend conference on March 20-22  at the Church of the Redeemer. The conference will be  based upon his book The Man of Sin, which is a biblical and historical study of the Antichrist.

More Eschatology Conferences

Kim-RiddlebargerFor those of you interested in learning more about the end-times, this year will prove to be a feast–of eschatology conferences! We mentioned the Gospel Coalition’s upcoming conference in March, to be held in Orlando, Florida. And now it turns out that Kim Riddlebarger, author of A Case for Amillennialism, will be the guest speaker at a conference in Sierra Vista Arizona. For those from the region who might be interested in attending, here is the conference information. Finally, Dean Davis, author of The High King of Heaven, will holding a mini-conference at Christian Family Fellowship in Santa Rosa, CA. The date is February 21-22.

This Week’s Amillennial Resources

revelation_churchesDr. Kim Riddlebarger posted an interesting review of a book authored by Dr. David Jeremiah titled Agents of the Apocalypse. The book seemingly uses fictional characters to help people understand the book of Revelation. Dr. Riddlebarger argues in this article that there is a tremendous  inconsistency in using fictional characters while adhering to the dispensationalists hermeneutical principle to interpret the bible “literally”.

Also this week, Dr. Sam Storms posted a couple of posts on his blog dealing with the importance of the second coming of the Lord Jesus titled Four Important Truths Relating to the Second Coming of Christ (Part 2). While many are waiting for raptures and women riding beasts, Dr. Storms suggests that much of what we must anticipate in the 2nd -coming is found in the text of Hebrews 9:27-28

Finally, we posted an excellent article written by Dr. D.A. Carson on the question of the most common errors in our understanding and proclamation of the Kingdom. The article has been posted under our Kingdom section.