New Materials on Daniel

photos_demandstudios_com_getty_article_142_82_87755353_XSWe’ve added several new resources that should prove helpful in understanding the prophecies of Daniel (and certain New Testament prophecies as well). You can find them here, in our section on the prophet Daniel.

The first is an article by G.K. Beale, entitled The Influence of Daniel upon the Structure and Theology of John’s Apocalypse. Anyone who has read Dr. Beale’s commentary on the book of Revelation will recognize this resource since he refers to it often in his commentary.

Secondly, there is an interesting article by Jason Parry, entitled The Desolation of the Temple and Messianic Enthronement in Daniel 11:36-12:3. Drawing upon Calvin for inspiration, Parry argues that this controversial text was fulfilled in Jerusalem’s destruction and Christ’s enthronement in heaven.

Thirdly, we’ve included an article on Daniel 9 by Meredith Kline, entitled The Covenant of the Seventieth Week in the Law and the Prophets.

And finally, we have added an important work by Vern Poythress, entitled Hermeneutical Factors in Determining the Beginning of the Seventy Weeks. Dr. Poythress argues that a commitment to grammatical-historical exegesis requires that we mark the beginning of the seventy weeks with the decree of Cyrus (538 BC). This would rule out 445 BC (the decree of Artaxerxes), and that in turn would rule out our viewing “the seventy sevens” as weeks of literal years–a very popular approach, but one which may actually be causing us to miss something more wonderful than we had ever imagined!