0310201438The Millenium and Beyond (Robert Strimple, Craig Blaising, Kenneth Gentry) This is a very scholarly presentation of all three preeminent views of eschatology. Robert Strimple representing the Amillennial view, Craig Blaising the Historic Premillennial view and finally Ken Gentry the Modern Postmillennial view. All three of these men give an excellent overview of their position and after each chapter, the others write their critique.


47940_w185The Meaning of the Millennium (Anthony Hoekema, George Ladd, Lorraine Boettner, Herman Hoyt) While this debate book is a bit older than the former, the authors are all exceptionally well respected scholars. The book represents the Amillennial view (Hoekema), the Historic Premillenial view (Ladd), the Dispensational Premillenial view (Hoyt) and finally the Traditional Postmillennial view (Boettner). This is a very useful volume for anyone who simply wants to gain an understanding of these millennial positions. (Google Books)


null_jpg_8380Three Views on the Rapture (Paul Feigburg, Gleason Archer, Douglas Moo) Three Views on the Tribulation gives the reader an understanding of the different viewpoints on the topic of the tribulation in relation to the rapture. It answers the questions as to what relationship believers will have with the great tribulation. Will Christians go through the tribulation or will they be taken away prior to the tribulation period spoken of in scripture? (Google Books)


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