Israël et l’Église – Quelle est la relation entre les deux? – Rm 11.16-24

This is a great sermon on the relationship between the Church & Israel found in the text of Romans 11 for our french speaking brethren.

Pascal Denault is the pastor of St-Jérôme Evangelical Church in St-Jérôme Québec. He is the author of The Disctinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology and his sermons and other resources can be found on his website Un Héraut dans le Net. He has also done another series on audio on the topic of eschatology found here.

Resources on the Topic of Israel/Church and Hermeneutics

israel-flag-dec08We have just added some new audio resources to the website for your listening pleasure.

Our first addition is a series of lectures by O. Palmer Robertson on the topic of Israel. The lectures are a fantastic supplement to his wonderful book, The Israel of God.

We have also added a new section on hermeneutics. Heremeneutics is the study of proper biblical interpretation. It generally consists of applying a consistent method for understanding any given of the text in the Bible. The hermeneutical principles with which we approach to the Bible will determine in large part the conclusions we reach. With hermeneutics in mind, we have also added an audio series by Professor Robertson on how the Old Testament is found in the New.