Israël et l’Église – Quelle est la relation entre les deux? – Rm 11.16-24

This is a great sermon on the relationship between the Church & Israel found in the text of Romans 11 for our french speaking brethren.

Pascal Denault is the pastor of St-Jérôme Evangelical Church in St-Jérôme Québec. He is the author of The Disctinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology and his sermons and other resources can be found on his website Un Héraut dans le Net. He has also done another series on audio on the topic of eschatology found here.

Voddie Baucham on Revelation

I received feedback that there are some challenges to finding the sermon series on Revelation preached by Voddie Baucham on this site. I thought that I’d post it here to make finding it a little easier.