The Book of Revelation

bealeThe Book of Revelation (G.K. Beale) This is likely the single most exhaustive commentary on the Revelation available today, an Amillennial treasure just waiting to be explored! Dr. Beale’s familiarity with the original language, his grasp of the culture of the day, his command of the OT references and allusions, and his deft handling of the text itself all make this commentary an absolute necessity for any scholarly study of the Apocalypse.

bealeRevelation: A Shorter Commentary G. K. Beale’s monumental New International Greek Testament Commentary volume on Revelation has been highly praised since its publication in 1999. This shorter commentary distills the superb grammatical analysis and exegesis from that tome (over 1,300 pages) into a book more accessible and pertinent to preachers, students, and general Christian readers.

As in the original commentary, Beale views Revelation as an integrated whole, as a conscious continuation of the Old Testament prophetic books, and shows that recognizing Revelation’s nearly constant use of Old Testament allusions is key to unlocking its meaning. Interspersed throughout the volume are more than sixty sets of “Suggestions for Reflection” to help readers better grasp the relevance of Revelation to their lives and our world today.

JohnsonTriumph of the Lamb (Dennis Johnson) Written by professor Dennis Johnson of Westminster Theological Seminay, this commentary will challenge the student of Revelation to rethink their position. Johnson writes for those who do not want to delve into too much history or Greek but want to explore the meaning of the text. This commentary is great to help give a more simple explanation of the Amillennial/ Idealist view of the Apocalypse of John.

mtcMore than a Conqueror (William Hendricksen) This commentary by William Hendricksen was the standard for interpreting the book of Revelation from the Amillennial perspective for years. It is a very straightforward but informative volume that has introduced many to the understanding of looking at the book of Revelation from the Idealist point of view. His style of writing is easily understood and perfect for the average student of the bible. (Sample Version)

0875524621Commentary on Revelation: The Returning King (Vern Poythress) While this commentary deals more with the book of Revelation from a topical perspective, it is a tremendously useful tool to understand the interpretation of symbols and parallels. The commentary is available online for viewing here.


mauroOf Things Which Must Soon Come to Pass (Phillip Mauro) Mauro, a theologian who lived in the early 1900’s, apparently evolved in his thinking about the Revelation. While many would say that this commentary gives us an historicist approach, some note that there are idealist and futurist elements as well. You can find out for yourself here.




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