The Book of Daniel

513b398q24l__sl210_Daniel (E.J. Young)- E.J. Young’s classic commentary on the book of Daniel is a must have for any serious study of the historical and prophetic texts in Daniel. While this can be a more difficult commentary to find to purchase, this is a commentary that will clear many false interpretations of Daniel and demonstrate that the visions are pointing towards the first advent of Christ and shortly afterwards. A Must Read!


142825Exposition of Daniel (H.C. Leupold)- Leupold’s commentary was written for those Christians who wish to explore the depths of the book of Daniel in plain words and plain meaning. He explores the politics, culture and language of the day to demonstrate Daniel’s message in a clear and concise fashion.


daniel-introduction-commentary-joyce-g-baldwin-paperback-cover-artDaniel (Joyce Baldwin) – Much like other Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries, the book on Daniel is truly a tremendously brilliant addition to this series. Recommended by many Old Testament scholars and pastors, this book is excellent for students who wish to have a solid primer on the book of Daniel.


untitledDaniel: Reformed Expository Commentaries (Iain Duguid)- This is probably one of the most practical and challenging commentaries on the book of Daniel available. For those who wish to not only understand the historicity and prophecy of Daniel but wish to apply the book of Daniel, this is the commentary that must be examined!

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