crossThe book of Daniel is a treasure graciously granted to the people of God by the LORD of all history. Like the prophecies of Ezekiel, it first gave comfort to godly Jews exiled in Babylon. Later it encouraged their descendants, as Persia, Greece, and Rome exercised dominion over their lives and land. And today, with the benefit of NT revelation and hindsight, it continues to fill the saints with wisdom, warning, worship, courage, and hope, as they await the dramatic closing scenes of the end of the age.

As is well known, many prophetic interpreters emphasize Daniel 9:24-27, the prophecy of the Seventy Weeks. Indeed, for Dispensationalists this text supplies the infrastructure for the entire biblical canon of prophetic literature; the key to understanding all biblical eschatology, including the Olivet Discourse and the Revelation.

Amillennarians respectfully disagree, believing that the Dispensational interpretation of Daniel’s great prophecy has actually eclipsed the glory of the Christ, Covenant, and Kingdom it was meant to celebrate! We will leave it for each reader to decide how costly this error has been for the cause of evangelicalism.

Here are some resources that we hope will right the ship, guiding us all into a better understanding of this truly amazing book.

2 thoughts on “Daniel

  1. Jonathan August 26, 2017 / 3:09 am

    I went through these articles and I found really interesting the one from Dean Davis. He presents a different interpretation from the classical amillennial one, but one that makes allot of sense. I was interested in knowing your take on his interpretation given that I had never seen this one before. Thank you.

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