The Olivet Discourse

Mount of OlivesThe Olivet Discourse is our Lord’s single most important teaching about the Consummation, and serves as the foundation for much of NT eschatology. Therefore, our interpretation of this discourse will go far towards shaping our understanding of all the prophetic Scriptures.

Because of its difficulty, interpretive approaches to the Olivet Discourse abound. Some find Christ speaking more or less exclusively of the far distant future; others say the events in view were fulfilled long ago, in 70 AD. Meanwhile, still others say that the Lord spoke not only of his own generation, but of all generations, and especially of the generation that will experience the dramatic events predestined to occur at end of the present evil age.

The essays in this section are designed to help you sort out these views, and to navigate this challenging text. We believe you will find that amillennial interpreters are trustworthy guides!

2 thoughts on “The Olivet Discourse

  1. Wilson Irungu January 18, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    I’m so happy i found this site… as it is a directory of ammillennial websites, all in all I’m grateful and may God bless you abundantly and all ammillennial teachers who continue to uplift God in eschatology

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