The Consumation

imagesDNVIRITBAncient pagan cosmologies tended to be cyclical: The universe obeys a law of eternal recurrence. But biblical cosmology is linear; which is to say, “We’re going somewhere!”

Where we’re going is the Consummation: the Great and Notable Day of the Lord Jesus Christ, who, at His return in glory, will raise the dead, judge the world in righteousness, destroy the present earth and its works by fire, and bring in new heavens and a new earth, the eternal home of the saints. In short, one day soon the Paradise lost by the first Adam will be regained and glorified by the Last!

This portion of our website is devoted to examining the Consummation as a whole, but also (and especially) the so-called “eschaton,” the Final State of the universe, life, and man. Brace yourself: The living God has AMAZING things in store for His people!


Your Thoughts?

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