The Millennium

In all of Holy Scripture the Millennium is mentioned only once, in Revelation 20. But what a big theological ruckus that little chapter has caused!

What exactly is the Millennium? Does it really last a literal 1000 years? Will it come in the future, as premillennarians teach; or are we living in it now, as amillennarians teach? What are the first and second resurrections? What is the binding of Satan? What is “the war” that Satan will foment when he is released from prison near the end of the Millennium? And what is the Judgment that will bring the Millennium to a close?

The articles in this section are meant to supply solid answers to these challenging questions. In particular, they show that amillennarians offer an interpretation of Revelation 20 that not only makes excellent sense, but (unlike other views) harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the Revelation, and with the rest of the New and Old Testaments. We hope they will be a rich blessing to you.

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