Postmillennialism and amillennialism are kissing cousins, since both views agree that Christ will return once at the end of the present evil age, after the “thousand years” of Revelation 20.

The main difference is that amillennarians tend to identify the thousand years with the entire era between Christ’s two advents, while postmillennarians usually regard it as a later portion of that era, one in which God will grant the Church extraordinary success in her evangelistic mission, so much so that the world will be largely won to Christ.

Some modern postmillennarians (called Christian Resconstructionists) believe this renewal will also involve a return to the global implementation of key portions of the Mosaic law.

Does the NT encourage this “optimistic” eschatology? In this section of our website thoughtful amillennarians will reply.


For those interested in exploring Postmillennialism first hand, here are some of the best modern resources:

mathersonThis is probably the most comprehensive and well-documented book on Postmillennialism available today. While scholarly, it is also accessible to the average reader.



wilsonFor those looking for a short, easy introduction to Postmillennialism, this articulate book by Doug Wilson is the place to begin.


Your Thoughts?

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