Historic Premillennialism

Ancient and modern Historic Premillennialism (HP) does indeed look for an earthly, thousand year reign of Christ following his Parousia (Second Coming). However, unlike Dispensationalism, it anticipates neither a special role for ethnic Israel, nor a (memorial) return to OT institutions such as temple worship, priests, sacrifices, and feast days. In important ways, this emphasis upon the finality New Covenant worship in spirit and (Gospel) truth brings historic premillennarians quite close to their amillennial brethren.

This section of our website will be devoted to the exposition and critique of HP, which, it turns out, has a number of different forms and expressions, requiring special care on the part of its interpreters. Stay tuned for further articles!

Desiring to be fair to HP brethren, we felt it would good to share with you some of the better resources explaining and defending this popular eschatology.

hpOne of the best resources on Historic Premillennialism now available. A collection of essays, this book surveys both the history and biblical basis for HP.

untitledPrior to G.K. Beale’s commentary of the book of Revelation, this book by Robert Mounce in the New International Commentaries of the New Testament series was the standard for many years. In a readable format, Mounce gives us a futuristic, premillennial interpretation of the Apocalypse.

One thought on “Historic Premillennialism

  1. Charles Miller February 16, 2016 / 5:21 pm

    I am a Southern Baptist who lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I must say that after much study I am an Historic Premillennialist. This view is a first cousin to amillennialism as I see it.

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