Quick Stats for Another Year

Last year I posted some stats on the traffic on this website to show my appreciation for those who visit us and use our resources. I thought I would do so again. I just wanted to thank all those who continue to support this website and sending me notes of appreciation for the materials that are available. Your kind words have been an encouragement to us.

The grand total of hits on this website so far is 50,296  with 17,082 visitors. This means that we got about 10,000 more hits than last year and about 11,500 more unique visitors.

stats Amil  From a perspective of people from various countries visiting the website. The tops four countries visiting the website have pretty much stayed the same. We also have some new additions as well.

Again, we would like to  thank you all for your contribution to make this website a success. Please continue to support this website by sharing the resources available.

country stats

2 thoughts on “Quick Stats for Another Year

  1. Grace Morton August 17, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    That is wonderful that people are really using the Amillenial site. You certainly do a good job on it and it provides lots of information. Thanks for sending these stats.


  2. Dean Davis August 17, 2016 / 5:54 pm

    A truly encouraging report. Think, too, Shawn, of the multiplier effect at work here; as thousands find the site, they share what they learned with thousands more, some of whom will visit the site for themselves.

    As the Church enters the final phase of God’s dealings with a sinful but beloved world, I am confident He will use this website in a truly significant way to prepare and encourage his people. So, thanks again for you faithful labor of love. We shall indeed reap, and reap bountifully, if we faint not.

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