Obama the Antichrist?

BachmanDown through the years biblical interpreters with a literalist bent have speculated that Ezekiel’s prophecy about Gog and Magog (38-39) will likely be fulfilled by this or that particular person or nation. Trust us when we say that history is littered with such failed interpretations.

Alas, the unwise trend continues. This time the speculation comes from the lips of former congresswoman Michelle Bachman. I had heard of Bachman’s interview, in which she declared that she  believes Obama’s foreign policy is ushering in the end times. Thankfully, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger has interacted with her her remarks, and sought to clarify things in this post.

The great abundance of failed interpretations of OT kingdom prophecy alerts us to the importance of discovering and using biblically sound principles in the interpretation of these challenging texts. For further discussion of this crucial subject, you can visit here.

Your Thoughts?

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